Wednesday, April 7, 2010


So i have 2 ideas. One seems like it'd be rather impossible to do without taking apart some of my home utilities though so I'm leaning more towards food + macro + panoramics.

Plan A)
Shoot the interiors of my oven, my dishwasher, my trash bin. They're areas we never inspect too much. Sure we clean them now and then (or at least should) but how much time do you spend looking inside of them? I want to expand the history that lies inside of them. if I can get at them WITHOUT taking doors off and such I would love to look at other people's as well.

Plan B)
Shoot food in a scientific manner. Find things that are similar. Mougel gave the example of a carrot and a hot dog. Take the age based off of the rings in the carrot and find something in the hot dog to work off of. This would basically just be an easier way to shoot them like I did with the 4x5.

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