Thursday, April 8, 2010

Monica Bello, Final.

I am going to continue with my 4X5 Assignment. I feel as though this will force me to complete the work and to complete it well.
Right now I am at a standing point. I am debating whether or not to destroy the negatives more. I will most likely continue by destroying them with fire. The burnt negatives scanned with an aesthetic that the other unburned images do not have. The most recent negatives look too similar to me next to each other and I think the point of destroying these negatives was to leave their outcomes up to chance. There is minimal control in what happens to the negatives. With my most recent negatives I feel as though I was resorting back to attempting to control what was happening to them. It shows. I wish I knew other ways to get burnt, cracked, disintegrated (?) edges better. So it is back to the experimentation board for me. I know the work is not complete yet and will not get done to the degree I had hoped for if not still worked upon. All together there are eight images, but I find that I end up enjoying certain 'mistakes' more than others, therefore I enjoy some photographs more than others. When I look at the images, it is becoming more about what happened to the photographs/ negatives and what made them that way. I don't even care about the portrait anymore, I feel like maybe people will ask, what happened to the photograph? Whether it was an accident or on purpose.

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