Friday, April 9, 2010

Matthew Holler, Final Proposal

For the final assignment, I would really like to expand on the ideas I had in mind for the open assignment. I feel like I never accomplished what I was going for there. I'm still obsessed with the idea of taking fashion/portrait images of women on the street, in areas which don't look like Sarasota, or the US for that matter...Joseph suggested my ideas reflect escapism. I think the truth is, this area bores me...which is why I am looking for any trace of European architecture or any small reflection of European lifestyle for which to place my model. I've spoken to several models already about their attire and hair and makeup. I would like to produce at least 5 final images, retouched, shot with a 4 x 5 view camera.. I'm kind of inspired by the photographer Paolo Santambrogio in the way in which he takes his models into the street the way Avedon did, and working in a way which makes the background as relevant as the model but not overbearing.

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